Hello stranger!

For the love of! How long has it been since I have written? Don't answer that! Too long!
In my defense…. Damn it! I don't have an excuse. I just simply haven't made time.

Tonight, I finally had some free time to myself while the boys were out. I got home from work and did the usual of cleaning up around the house, making it livable for the weekend so we could do nothing productive and destroy it again.
When I was done I stood in the middle of the house with nothing to do. Nothing at all.
While I am at work I can think of so many other things I want to do and all of a sudden I have the time to do it and I don't know what it is. It was a moment of panic. Where did all those creative ideas go?

I found myself sitting on the edge of the ottoman ( because if I actually ended up on the couch I would hate myself) watching Sex in the City reruns. As much as I love those women, I couldn't stand watching others live their lives (make believe or not) and not do something with mine.

God Damn it Sara, get your shit together!
So here I am. *Waiving hand excitedly with cheesy grin plastered on my face*

Recap time:
This Summer went by fast. Really super fast. It was full of fun swim days with Christian, camping with friends, motorcycle rides across state, and building the business. I feel like we fit a lot in those 3 short months also pushing many plans to the back burner due to lack of time.

Welcome back to real time:
Lately I have been thinking of all the things I could get done if I didn't need to sleep. I mean, REALLY! I need time to work, build my own business, have fun with my son, date nights with my husband, go to concerts with friends and still have energy to bath the dog because the poor guy stinks!
I am a 8-10 hours of sleep a night kind of girl. On top of that I am NOT a morning person.
I am working to break the cycle and fit more ME time in. Woo Hoo! Now, if I could just get out of bed in the morning....

I am excited to say that I am going to start working on my photography again. Say cheese!
I am working on putting together a display with a theme. I will share more as I get further along, but I will say the theme is going to push me personally to do things I don't normally crawl out of my shell to do and that is both scary and thrilling.
"You have to do things you have never done to get things you have never had." Right? Right.

So I sign out on this Friday evening wishing you a thrilling weekend.
Go do something new to you! Push yourself to grow in ways you never dared before!