My Life List

I got this amazing idea to write a Life list from Mightygirl.
Here is a list of the many adventures I am working on.

go to Mardi Gras~ learn to Salsa ~ learn Spanish ~ and French ~ go surfing ~ start a charity ~ get my own Vespa ~ take self defense classes ~ renovate a trailer for camping ~ publish a book of poems ~ go zip lining in a foreign place ~ visit all 50 states ~ live in the mountains ~ own a horse ~ learn to sew and actually make things ~ meet a cat I like ~ learn Wicca ~ make a voodoo doll and use it for good ~ run a marathon ~ go to Dracula's castle in Transylvania ~ visit Salem, MA ~ write more "Thank you" notes ~ go snowboarding more ~ find a peacock feather ~ go on a cruise ~ teach a talking bird bad things ~ go alligator hunting in the bayou ~ go river rafting ~ meet the Dalai Lama ~ tour Alcatraz ~ witness a birth ~ cook something really well from scratch ~ learn to whistle ~ hike up a volcano ~ fly in a helicopter ~ travel Route 66 on a motorcycle ~ sleep under the stars more ~ finish belly dancing classes ~ watch the sunrise more ~ finish every book I buy ~ go to Scotland ~ blow out candles on my 90th birthday ~ buy a strangers groceries ~ take Squeak rollerskating ~ go camping with only food and a hammock ~ hike up Timpanogas and watch the sunrise/sunset~