Thankful Thursday

So happy it's Thursday! And my honeys birthday! And the dogs birthday! It's been a busy week at our house.

I have spent some of the time being productive playing with some art and while doing that, thinking of so many other things to create. That is the awesome thing about creativity, the more you use it, the more you have.  
Aside from the few 90 degrees days we have had, Fall is here! Leaves are changing and pumpkin spice flavored/scented shit is everywhere. *choking on pumpkin coffee*

Thanking my lucky stars for:
snowboard season pass! ~ cooler nights ~ roasted chili peppers, a whole potato sack full ~ my gifted witch bird pen. Ha! ~ celebrating my loved ones birthdays ~ new episodes of Modern Family ~ feeding the birds in the back yard and hearing them sing first thing in the morning ~ a clean dog (this week at least) ~ Blue Moon Pumpkin Spice beer, YUM! ~ cuddling with kiddo ~ beautiful rides up the canyon ~ blasting Tim McGraw and singing with the windows down ~ BLT's & tomato soup kind of days ~ bacon ~ listening to Todd & Christian sing together. Every time :)
The things you take for granted someone else is praying for #dontforget #gratitude