What a great week. I have spent every minute I can outside and I feel like the shackles of Winter are gone.
Last night I filled all of our pots outside with beautiful flowers and cool cactus. I am excited for warm nights in the yard. My next goal is laying sod, planting the vegetables, and getting a trampoline.
On date night, Honey and I hopped on our pedal bikes and hit Downtown. It was an amazing night filled with a lot of laughing, tasty beers, yummy food, and alley way adventures. I have lived in Salt Lake City all my life and it's amazing the things you don't notice until you are out of the car and traveling down roads and sidewalks you don't normally frequent. So fun!

Loving: the smell of potting soil~ standing in an aisle of flowers with a large shopping cart~ hearing birds sing just before the sun rises ~ Lots of love on Mothers Day ~ My Kiddo, every single day ~ when the gym is empty ~ my favorite ripped Levis ~ celebrating a great friends 50th birthday ~ laughing so hard my cheeks hurt ~ 42 days left until GIRLS TRIP! ~ Dusting off my camera and being interested in photography again ~ staying focused and building an Empire

Love is Light