I have decided to change my "Thankful Thursday" post into Merci. Simple and pretty.
It has been a long week full of work and rainy nights.
I am so grateful it was warm last weekend for our motorcycle field trip. We had a blast and it was fabulous to get away with my honey for a night.
I enjoyed turning friends into better friends, making new ones, and laughing until our stomachs hurt.

Now I am racking my brain for a thoughtful Mothers Day gift. I have this issue every year since my mom buys herself what she wants when she wants. So, I am left with being creative and scouring consignment shops and craft stores for the perfect thing that represents my love and appreciation for her. I have not found that perfect thing yet.
pink merci...

I'm in love with: wild horses running along the highway ~ waking up laughing with my husband ~ the smell of Spring rain ~ MY MOM ~ shopping for big hats for vineyard hopping in SF ~ filling up our Summer calendar ~ Modelo with a lime ~ our mantel full of light candles ~ night time prayers ~ flower shopping ~ being kind even when others are not ~ surprise lattes from co-workers ~ the boys I live with. Handsome, lil monster, & the fuzzy one.

Love is Light