Thankful Thursday

Well holy shit! Look at me finally posting something. I apologize for the vanishing act.
Working full time and building a business has taken all my extra time and brain cells. I feel I have a good balancing act going on now, so I can focus on writing for myself again. Phew!
*Wiping sweat from forehead*

Late last year I took a break from my Thankful Thursday posts, but it keeps me happy and centered to write a good list at least once a week on what I am grateful for. Big or small.

Going outside without a jacket and not being cold!~ bar hoping on our pedal bikes~ being silly with my husband~ knowing who my friends are~ Summer vacation plans~ Girl trip booked!, San Francisco here we come!! 77 more days~ laughing on the phone with my dad~ singing funny songs to the dog~ smelling all the flowers/trees in bloom~ afternoon beers on a sunny patio~ Wasatch Ghost Rider, my new favorite beer. Delish~ American Horror Story marathons ~ book shopping on Amazon ~ the many flower boxes my dad built ~ the sound of a lawn mower and smell of fresh cut grass

Don't forget to be awesome!