Thankful Thursday

This month is flying by! It's been a month of warm sunny Spring days and freezing, wet, locked in the house kind of days. It is getting increasingly hard to stay sane on the cold days.
This has been a month of extreme vacation planning and a lot of soul searching.
I am getting increasingly restless during my 9 to 5 and I'm ready to spread my wings and breathe some fresh air.

The beige walls are suffocating and covering my tattoos with blazers is getting tiresome.
J'aime kick ass work-outs ~ warm evening motorcycle rides ~ watching kiddo rock it in his school play, LOVE HIM! ~ falling asleep listening to rain ~ wishing on stars ~ no makeup days ~ feeding birds in the backyard ~ butterflies are now fluttering about ~ learning new things ~ catching up on some reading ~ believing in myself ~ nightly ice cream treats ~ teasing Jake ~ dirty feet & messy hair!
Love every bit of the adventure!