Beautiful Awesome Magic!

These are the 3 words I choose to live by.

Beautiful because there is beauty everywhere. It's your state of mind that you see things. If you are  down, a rain storm can depressing, but if you look at things for their beauty, you would appreciate the smell of rain, electric lightning, and the rainbow that will follow.

Awesome because so many things people don't notice or don't think twice about are gifts from the Universe. A sunset, your online order came a day early, your child surprises you with a huge hug and a compliment. See what I mean? Countless awesome things happen during your day, you just have to appreciate them.

Magic because that is my word for people/places/things that the Universe surprises me with. Magic is what happens when you believe and love with your heart and look for the good in things. Did that promotion come from nowhere? When in fact you have worked hard at something and the desire to excel fueled a fire in you that a higher power responded to. That's magic. Have you ever thought about a song that you haven't heard for a really long time and in no time at all, you walk into a store and it's playing? That's Magic. It comes in so many forms. But, I feel it comes from the heart and God is answering it's request. Big or small.

With those 3 words in mind daily I would like to work on the following list in 2014:
write freely
dress up more
speak less hear more
take pictures
read 2 books a month- 1 for fun & 1 for learning
run a 12 minute mile
buy less do more
get organized
let go of past hurts/negative feelings about people/events

I am excited about this list because if I go at each goal with Beautiful Awesome Magic in my head & heart, I can't lose.

Cheers to an awesome year!
Make it what YOU want.
xoxo Sara