Laugh lines

I don't know if it's the dirty Winter air, lack of vitamin D, or I just smile a lot, but I have noticed new lines on my face this past few months and it seems they are showing up in an alarming rate.

I have no issues aging gracefully, but I also believe that wrinkle creams are there to help with the grace of it. I have a few gray hairs that I proudly leave alone and an age spot that I do not cover with foundation, but the wrinkles... Oh the wrinkles, I am not sure about.

I love that people rarely guess my correct age however, my lines are showing up in places that are visible when I laugh & smile. It's hard to be critical of something that is a sign of happiness, right? Do I fight them or embrace them?

I think age is beautiful. I hope to live a long long life. I want to blow out candles on my 90th birthday. And beyond.
So why do these lines make me feel a little insecure? I don't have an answer for that yet, but I intend to focus on the bright side and be grateful my lines are a sign of the joy I feel and the laughter I love.

to capture a person truly is art in its highest form

laugh lines are beautiful  book
I need this book!
laugh lines are beautiful! by sharlene... I have to keep reminding myself of this!:)
A smile is the best makeup any woman can wear!

xoxo Sara