Dirty snow & dreaming of running away

It is only the 2nd week of December, but Utah is frozen and dirty. The snow that came in last week froze and the pollution has covered the city in a layer of filth. I hate this part of Winter. The part that makes my hair frizzy from the cold, the part where my skin is dry, pale, & flaky, and the part when all I can think about is escaping from here.

I want to go some place warm. Feel the sun on my face and possibly some sand on my feet.
This time every year, Todd starts pacing the house talking of moving back to California and how awesome it would be.
The thought of picking up and going somewhere new is inviting. Somewhere that is warm year around, new places, new faces, starting a job that excites me, and creating new habits. All of it.

I get this way this time of year. I start thinking about New Year's resolutions, what I loved about this year, and what I want to do/change next year. Traveling & adventure are at the top of next years list. We put it aside this year and it made us think hard about what makes us really happy.
That is, going on spur of the moment adventures and having a flexible life to be spontaneous.

This next 3 weeks will be spent thinking about & writing my resolutions, saying Good-Bye (figuratively & maybe literally) to what/who doesn't bring loving energy into our lives, and saying many Thank yous to everything amazing that happened in 2013.

Gotta go turn up the heat and drink another Airborne.