Thankful Thursday


Some weeks just don't go as fast as you want them to. This is one of those weeks.
I think this is going to be my last Thankful Thursday posts for awhile. Not that I want to stop putting how much I am grateful out into the Universe (that is what I use my gratitude journal for) but I think this space could use a change. Ya know, the whole at a cross road thing from yesterday? It's time for a change. A breath of fresh air. New.

I am truly thankful for:
pumpkin pie shakes ~ afternoon phone calls with dad ~ listening to Christian read, he is awesome ~ hanging out with the grand kids ~ bursts of laughter ~ pizza Friday with the girls ~ Charles Krug Merlot, delish! ~ freaky episodes of Ghost Adventures, & and then seeing orbs in the kitchen (the dog saw them too) ~ my husband for being romantic and remembering the little things ~ big hugs from kiddo ~ burning candles on dark rainy nights ~ the sound & smell of rain ~ new boots ~ this blog ~ my readers ~ family ~ & my friends that feel like family.

Appreciating my life!