A glass of wine & Stevie Nicks

It's a rainy Friday night and I sit at the counter with a glass of red wine and Stevie Nicks singing in my ear. Not the real Stevie Nicks (I'm not that cool), but her on Pandora.

Lately my days have been filled with GREASY BIKER business and moving our lives in the direction we dream about. Pulling back on the offer to buy a house has been so positive for us and we are very excited about the way things are working out. (Insert silver lining here) 

The truth is, it was always there, we just lost sight of it and went in a direction we thought we wanted even though it wasn't in line with our dreams. So the Universe stepped in and was like " Oh hell no! Listen to your heart and follow your dreams Yo!"
My Universe is kind of gangster, but straight to the point. Yes?

So we took that message serious and got back on track with the life we love.

Last weekend was also our first wedding anniversary. We also celebrate our first "meeting" anniversary since we have been inseparable since. The fact is, I am more in love with Todd today than ever. He is proof to listen to my heart, stay focused and the Universe will work it out for you.

A small story:
I met Todd once before our "meeting" anniversary. It was several months before actually. We crossed paths at a party. He caught my eye instantly. Those blue eyes.  Oh those blue eyes...... 
I nudged my friend and gave "the look" in the direction of blue eyes and then made my way over to him.
I don't remember the exact conversation other than introducing myself, getting his name, and then he was interrupted by his phone ringing. 
I walked away with a crush and my friends and I left for another party. 
Nothing happened that day between us because the timing wasn't right. For either of us. For me, I was dedicated to spending that Summer working on ME and there was still some work I wanted to do. 
Two months later we met. Again. 

*I firmly believe the Universe set up that first meeting, so when we were ready we felt like old friends running into each other again.
That is how it was. Instant best friends.

My baby turned 9 years old this week. 9 YEARS OLD people! His last year in the single digits.
I am truly blessed to be his mom and I am grateful for every single thing about him.
I couldn't have asked for a smarter, sweeter, funnier, healthier, friendly, lovable kid.
He is a joy to be around and he is my best friend too.


I have a new phone that takes pics again, so follow me on Instagram for all the latest shenanigans.
*Don't worry I don't take a lot of pictures of the food I am about to eat or have eaten.
** Unless I am truly impressed with some meal I am about to eat or have eaten, in which case you can bet money, it had nothing to do with the food, but the drink that went with it. Feel me?
I will do my best to keep those to a minimum.

Listening to my heart so the Universe doesn't bitch slap me