Thankful Thursday

Fall is here! I love Fall. It's time to stock up on hot tea, fuzzy blankets, and everything Pumpkin Spice!

I am so thankful for:
celebrating birthdays! ~ cold night cuddling ~ Modern Family. seriously so funny! ~ making our house feel cozy ~ the leaves changing colors, so beautiful ~ clean floors ~ waking up happy ~ endless possibilities ~ planning weekend get-aways ~ Wasatch Pumpkin Spice beer. Love it. ~ Halloween shopping. Yes already ~ catching up on reading ~ hiding behind Honey's arm during scary movies ~ lessons learned.

Make today count.

TaTa you hot, sticky, sweaty, smelly summer!!! Although i could leave off the halloween line, not that i hate it or anything...just not a huge fan of it, thats all. I like being chilly and having warm coffee and warm sweaters. Bring. On. The. Fall.