Mean Mom

Today I am mean mom. I hate being mean mom.
It all began this morning when I found a note from the teacher hidden under kiddo's dirty clothes. A note telling me that twice he was removed from his work group in class this week because of excessive talking and the third time he was removed from the class room! The kid can talk.
 A lot.

So after I read the note I ask him why this wasn't this in his folder when he gave it to me? And when did he get it? He knows nothing. He doesn't know what the note is or where it came from. Of course. Play dumb, that's original, but his act quickly started to crumble and he says " Oh that note, it came stuck to this piece of paper, but I don't know what it is." Yet another piece of mystery paper from school strategically stuffed next to his bookshelf.
That piece of paper was HIM writing about talking during class! And get this: it was for me to sign and send back to the teacher so she knew that I knew what was going on and..... he forged my signature! My eight year old forged his first parent signature to get himself out of trouble. Can't say I blame him. I did it plenty of times, but I am now the parent so I have to do something about it. But what?

What exactly is a good punishment for this? Ground him all weekend? It's my weekend too. If he is grounded then I feel grounded. I don't want to be grounded. It's the weekend!
We talked about going to the circus this weekend. Do we not go? I want to go the circus. Do we still go and get a sitter for him? No, because then my mom guilt will kick in and I won't have any fun. How do I enjoy the tiger on a skateboard without my kid there? I don't. That's how.

Here is the thing, I love that he is social and funny. It's what makes everything we do so much fun. So to punish him for it feels weird. The kid in me wants to say" Wow dude, your teacher is harsh. Kicked out of the classroom for talking? Brutal!" and then we both start singing "We're not going to take it" by Twisted Sister and eating marsh mellows for dinner.
But I can't.
Because I have to be mean mom this weekend. This is so unfair.

So not cool mom