For the love of!

All I can say is, its a good thing I don't date my posts or else it would be depressing how long its been since I have put my fingers to work. I have no good excuse. Well maybe I have one...

We house hunted for a good few months which was an energy suck. We finally found one we love and the offer was ACCEPTED! Yahoo! Now we are going through the motions of home buying bull shit paper work a.k.a jumping through fiery hoops. We were pre-approved for the home based off the usual credit check, pay stubs, blood draw, animal sacrifice, W2's... you know the usual, all before even submitting our offer. Now the bank comes back saying the cat we sacrificed was a Persian and they wanted a freaking Calico!
So here we are, lurking in alleys so our loan keeps moving forward. Needless to say we should close by month end. Phew!

In the meantime, we are staying sane by going to Oktoberfest (can't complain with a Punk'N beer in your hand), street dancing in Park City, camping, hanging with friends, making fun of the dog, and watching my husbands beard grow. Yeah, don't say a word. He loves that thing.

Anywho, I guess the good thing about being away is it inspired me to want to re-create this whole space. I have a long list of ideas and you will start seeing changes this Fall.

In the meantime, I will keep posting something. Anything. Hopefully on a more regular basis. Because let's face it, something needs to be regular about this blog and frequency is about all I can promise.

I think I hear a cat outside, I gotta go.


P.S Oh, and I burned my thumb with a hot glue gun while making a magic wand and got a huge blister. So two days later, Todd pulled out a knife while we were in a dark parking garage and performed minor surgery before my thumb fell off. See I told you I have an excuse.