Thankful Thursday

I kept meaning to post something, but time just kept flying by.
We are still house hunting and that pretty much has taken up all our spare time and dominates all my thoughts lately. So much goes into making this big purchase and I want it to be just right for us.

Kiddo has been home for the past 2 weeks and that has been awesome. I am loving all the extra time with him. It feels like he has grown so much this Summer. Not just in height, but mentally. I am so proud of him.

Honey and I are packing and planning for our anniversary trip next week to San Diego. We are super excited. I can't wait for boogie boarding and beach side Coronas. It's our first San Diego trip sans kiddo so we plan on hitting all the fun Gas Lamp district hot spots for us big kids.

My list of gratitude:
extra weekdays off with kiddo ~ cool evenings~ watching couples say their " I Do's " ~ walks in the park ~ date nights with both my boys ~ laughing a lot with my dad ~ browsing book stores ~ today being my last day of work for over a week! ~ getting promoted! ~ surprise caramel mocha's ~ kiddo bringing me a flower ~ Honey taking care of our car shit (what a relief) ~ new Day of the Dead art ~ friends ~ tasty Bloody Mary's with lots of veggies ~ spending holidays with family ~ choosing happiness!!!

Stay tuned on my Twitter or Instagram for pics while I am out.

Sand in my toes & salt in my hair!

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