Life lately...

My life lately has been filled with a lot of self discovery. Aside from my day to day responsibilities I have been taking extra time in my head to respond to situations and rather than get mad, sad, or frustrated about things, I am looking at what is really in front of me and taking a deep breath.

I am also working on changing my style. Not my wardrobe, but how I carry myself, talk to people, holding my head high, and my shoulders back. Without thinking about it, I let my shoulders slouch and I look down. A lot. I am not intimidated by eye contact, so I don't know where the slouching and floor gazing came from, but I intend to change it.

It's Spring Break week, which means my kiddo is with his dad for over a week. I miss him terribly. I had a lot of dreams about him last night and woke up sad I couldn't see his little face. I know he is having a great time, which puts my heart at ease, but I miss him. I find myself wishing the weekend away so next week comes faster. I love you Squeak and I miss your guts!

The only man to see my heart from the inside

Thank God it's Friday! What are your plans this weekend? If it stops raining, I hope to clean up my back yard. Thanks to Jake the wonder dog, it needs a lot of TLC.

Have an awesome weekend!
xoxo Sara