Thankful Thursday

Has this week flown by or what? Squeak is home and I am so smitten with his face every time he walks in the room. I couldn't stop hugging him. is up and running! That is very exciting for us. We have just a few products online right now, but we are in the process of rebuilding the site and posting many more things to buy. This has felt like a long journey, but every little thing we learn on the way has been fun and I am proud to own this company with my best friend/husband.

I am so grateful for:
big hugs from kiddo ~ rainstorms at night ~ the smell of rain ~ flirting with Todd ~ dancing with friends ~ jamming good songs with the windows down ~ learning new computer stuff ~ taking care of business ~ laughing all the time ~ feeling blessed ~ painting my toes ~ watching our fun calender fill up ~ being in love ~ planning road trips for the new motorcycle ~ my new curling iron ~ extra kisses from Todd ~ surrounding myself with awesome people ~ cuddling on the couch with my boys ~ conversations with the dog ~ not settling

Believing in magic
xoxo Sara