If you are wondering why I have only posted once a week for the last few weeks, this is why:
Yup, my honey and I are starting a company named The GREASY BIKER. We are designing clothing, belts, wallets, bags, motorcycle accessories, and anything else we find clever to stick our name on :)
We have been working on this for the past few months and have Trademarked our name, licensed our name (yes this is different and equally expensive) , and received our business license.
Our first order is being placed next week. I will post pictures as soon as I receive our shipment as well as a link to our website and blog. That's right, I am starting another blog. God, I hope I can keep up. The blog will be updates about our online store as well as a calender of bike rallies and bike shops you can pick up cool GREASY BIKER swag.

So if you are a greasy biker or lover of a greasy biker please stay tuned....
We are working hard to produce quality merchandise that you will be proud to use.

Until then......

Live, Laugh, Ride on. xoxo Sara