~Thankful Thursday~

I am very thankful for:
  • Beautiful canyon motorcycle rides with friends
  • a friend clearing out the spirits in my house. It's so quiet now.
  • hanging with family @ the State Fair.
  • SOA premier! Holy shit did you see that? I was worried about not being able to stay up that late, but there is no way I could have slept through that.
  • 80 degree weather. Ah! the leaves are changing and it's perfect outside.
  • raspberries from Whole Foods. Delish!
  • all the fire wood dad gave me. Can't wait to sit by a toasty fire at night.
Lovin' life xoxo Sara

*  I am going to start a Tuesday's Trends (my outfits)  post each week as well as some more daily picture posts of my daily shenanigans*