~Thankful Thursday~

I am truly grateful for:
  • Kiddo getting into a charter school. He loves it and I know this will be an amazing learning experience for him. Way to go baby!
  • SOA season 4 marathons! I have to make sure I am caught up for Sept 11th premier.
  • afternoon chats with mom
  • Kiddo for making me laugh every single day. What a comedian!
  • the dog for being such a love bug
  • hanging out with my bro! Finally.
  • Mr Clean scented Gain. Yes! I am still obsessed. I bought some last week and wiped down everything in sight.
  • long weekends! not to mention it's going to be a full moon....
  • Zen Habits Check it out. It's some good reading.
I would like to add a bonus post with a picture tutorial of shit I find delightful.......

I am going to make one of these.

I don't know what I love more. Her outfit or her hair. So pretty!

Boot socks!

Tights, socks, and rain boots!


These tights are rockin'

Need I say more?

Seriously? I would hang this on my wall for sure!

Get crazy! xoxo Sara