Happy Friday the 13th!

Whether you are superstitious or not, today is just a fun day. I love the paranormal. It's a good thing since the ghost in my house has been exceptionally active lately. Yes, I live with a dead guy. The night I moved into my house I saw him. Several times. Weeks later I ran into my landlord and said "Hey, you didn't tell me the house had a ghost!" He was like " Oh yeah that's Eddie!" Not his real name. A cop friend of mine called in my address and advised me that in 2001 a heroin addict broke into the house, got high and died. I nicknamed him Sid. He doesn't mean to be scary. I think he loves having us there. He seems to stay close.

I lived in my house several months before my boyfriend moved in so I think Sid grew attached to me. When handsome started coming around he would do things to try to freak him out. He even went as far as stopping the washer mid-cycle on my lover's clothes only!
Sometimes I think he likes to mess with the dog too, Jake will stare at nothing and watch something go by that no one else can see. I even think Sid pets the dog.

Tonight I am going to rent something scary as I try to do every Friday the 13th and all month long in October. October is horror movie month at my house. By November I am usually afraid to sleep with the lights off.
This morning kiddo told me he hopes we have a thunderstorm tonight and the power goes out so he can play "Ghost adventures" (kiddo doesn't know about Sid) I make up a story every time he says he saw/heard something, but kiddo senses things too and loves to play the game.

This is the only day of the year I wish I had a black cat. I would name him Asshole. I hate cats, but it would be funny to have one for a day. Can you rent cats? Something to look into...

Do something scary!
xoxo Sara