Bad Dog

I am not sure what has gotten into him, but Jake has been on a bad dog rampage lately.
He has been sticking his head in the garbage can, big no-no! He ripped apart a stuffed armadillo, bullied a 2 year old out of his hot dog, and then he defaced a stuffed monkey. I kept the monkey as a threat. It seems to really offend Jake. I don't know why, it wouldn't be faceless if it wasn't for him. Who rips the face off monkeys? On the armadillo, Jake bit off the tail and pulled the stuffing out of it's butt. I am pretty sure the armadillo had it coming though.

The faceless monkey

Faceless monkey holding dog bone for ransom.

Jake giving the stink eye

He is NOT amused and refuses to negotiate with monkeys of any kind, faceless or not.