~Thankful Thursday~

I am so thankful for:
  • Handsome knowing how to fix cars so I can stop stressing. What a blessing!
  • wearing a ton of bangles to work to cover my tattoos instead of a hot sweater. So cute while feeling a little rebellious when the ink sneaks out in between ;)
  • keeping up with Gala Darling. Inspiring, motivating, and she is such a doll.
  • Jake for being protective of our home. We stood in the kitchen for 5 minutes this morning while he growled at something I couldn't see or hear, but he wasn't budging until he felt the threat was gone.
  • Kiddo telling me I am the best mom in the whole world. He knows how to make a mom feel loved.
  • Rain and cooler temps in the forecast. I love a good thunderstorm.
  • Staying up late because I can't put down a good book.
  • Kicking major ass at the gym this week
  • Watching kiddo kiss a little girls hand to make her feel better. Priceless!!!
  • yummy Popsicles on hot nights
ante omnis mea familia xoxo Sara