Yahoo for 4-day weekends

Day #1 off, Squeak and I slept in and cleaned house. When handsome got home we shopped for kiddo's new flip flops and went to our friends house for cocktails and backyard chillin'.
Day # 2 was a great adventure. We jumped on TRAX to take the train up north for an air show, got on the train and as we were getting close, it was pouring rain, windy as all hell, and freezing! So we got off the train and turned right back around to go home. Well, the next train didn't come by for another hour. So handsome had this great idea to jump on the bus. An hour and a half later we arrived back in the city. No air show. Freezing. Wet. and oh so tired. Although our plans didn't turn out, we still had plenty of laughs and some good conversation. It's the journey right?
Day #3 we refused to sit around the house and watch it rain so grabbed the dog and headed up the canyon. Kiddo and dog had a great time tromping in the mountains. We built a fire and hiked a bit. By the time we got home the sun was bursting out of the clouds.
Day #4 Handsome and I hopped on the motorcycle with some friends and family and took a beautiful ride around the city.

I hope everyone enjoyed their Memorial day weekend.
xoxo Sara

Some Memorial weekend pics...
Happy boy with ice cream

Freakin Maggie Moos. Delish.

One very aggressive Canadian Honker. Very.

Look at that profile.

A boy and his dog

He'll be comin' around the mountain

My boys

Handsome and I

Boys. They climb on everything. 

If you don't move, He WILL knock you over.
I moved.

A pinch of color.

I love not knowing what is around the corner.

Sleepy boys.