~Thankful Thursday~

I can't believe it has been a week since I blogged last. Time flys! I will make more time for this blog and post more on my life and the amazing people in it. Until then......

I am so thankful for:
4 day work weeks! Friday off Yahoo!
Mom/kiddo time
yummy sandwiches my awesome friends made
hanging out at the wedding spot, getting some planning done
motorcycle rides up a beautiful canyon I had never seen
being crazy productive at work
hugs with the dog
kiddo wanting to read alone in his room (he is definitelyy mine)
having a HUGE butterfly flutter around me in a parking lot
mid-week lunch with handsome
cuddling last night since it was breezy. so nice
the smell of fabric softener through out my home
watching a bird fight in the backyard that scared the dog. (he's a scaredy cat)
my life!

I wish everyone an awesome Memorial Day weekend!
xoxo Sara