Date night

For the past year and a half, Handsome and I have date night every single Tuesday. Without fail. Even if all we do is make a yummy dinner and cuddle on the couch with a movie. The point is we make that night only about us. We don't touch the laundry or load the dishwasher. That stuff can wait.
One thing that is fun, we take turns choosing what we do each week. So it is a surprise for the other person. We try new restaurants, we double date with friends, we disappear in the mountains ;), go to concerts, you name it.

We started this not because we were in a relationship rut, but to prevent a rut before it can begin. Every relationship has highs and lows, but to stay connected and show each other how special they are, I think a day needs set aside for that. Life can be so busy and just one day made for that person can remind them how loved they are when you are busy doing so many things the other 6 days a week.

It is exciting to look forward to "date night" each week. We even started calling it "Date Day" Through out the day we send each other sweet text messages and look forward meeting each other at home after work.

No matter what state your relationship is in, give it a try. You will be surprised what you learn about your loved one each week. Also, create new stories and adventures together.

This week for example, I saw Handsome spit beer out his nose because the guy at the next table made him laugh as he took a drink. It was great to see him lose his beer. Out his nose.