~Thankful Thursday~

summer weather
buying my wedding dress & shoes. Pretty pretty!
listening to kiddo talk about all the things he learned on a field trip
*did you know that Red Butte has a snake wall that snakes use to sun themselves? Rattle snakes. I will be weary of that wall next time I go to a concert there....
the crazy ivy in my backyard.
nooners ;)
argan oil. it was love at first use with my hair
demolition derby with family
increasing the level of my workout. I love the burn
country music. it's been a country kind of week
wearing new clothes
freshly painted toes
the dog's snore. it makes me laugh every night
bobby pins. they are a life saver when growing out bangs
handsome cooking us dinner every night.

make each day count.
today rocks! xoxo Sara