This breaks my heart

I read this on msn first thing this morning:

I don't understand bullying. I know it has always been an issue, but are kids getting meaner? And what about the kids watching it happen to someone else? Why are they not sticking up for them?
I am not a tough person by any means, but anytime I have seen someone picked on by others I have always said something. I didn't worry about them turning around and bullying me because I would tell them to fuck off. But, what about the kids that aren't outspoken, that can't say that for themselves, or are just too afraid by that point? It's tragic.
No child/teen should live in constant fear and sadness that way.

Not only am I completely disgusted with bullies, I am disgusted with the people that stand by and watch. Take a stand! If you see someone being tormented, speak up for them. Do SOMETHING! You could save their life.

My thoughts and prayers go out to the Morales family.