Thankful Thursday! (Ok, I know it's Friday. I posted this late)

                                          Here is the first of many "Thankful Thursday" posts.

Being in love with an amazing man
Squeak making me laugh every day
my dog for pushing over the full laundry basket just so he could be near me
all the roses that bloomed in my front yard this week
slow dancing by the fire
late night "I love yous" while half asleep
listening to kiddo read. he is amazing
shopping with mom. that woman can shop!
making a deal with handsome to buy an old trailer and let me deck it out retro style. Project!
reserving the most beautiful place for my wedding day.
90 days until THE day.
feeling sore after a really good workout
Slurpee runs on warm evenings
laughing on the phone with dad
my maid of honor for telling me to get my butt in gear. she keeps me focused.
seeing strangers smiling and singing in their car
Thank you!