Perfection via Blog

I want to know how all these blogger's maintain a spotless home, with well dressed kids, while baking yummy desserts, and crafting some object out of paperclips, a paper plate, and silly string? I mean, come on!

For one, I know some of these bloggers have dogs. Where is the dog hair? Where? I vacuum sometimes twice a day and you can still see a dog lives in my house.
Two, my child is 7 years old. I let him dress himself. Maybe that is the problem, he dresses himself rather than me pick out his clothes for the next photo shoot.
Three, baking. Ugh! I don't bake. Cook. or anything else. I can microwave popcorn. I rock at that. Next time, I will take a picture of my perfectly microwaved popcorn. 

These are all examples from blogs I love. I love reading and looking at someone dressed sassy and ready to take on the world. However, my question is, did you dress your kids, hide evidence of any living creature in your home, bake all the goodies, and craft something out of nothing, in that outfit?

Are blogs just another unrealistic thing in life that people try to live up to? Like the pretty skinny girls in magazines that are actually photo shopped to no end?
Do these people's homes actually look that clean while raising their kids and cooking all day? 
I on the other hand are not one of those women. I love to dress cute, I allow my son to dress himself, which means, he is a boy so doesn't care what he puts on. He doesn't have to match, and unless I am fast enough to pick it up off his floor, he thinks it is still clean and will wear it again.

I am going to start taking pictures of his outfits, corners of my home that dog hair refuses to vacate no matter how many times I vacuum, and bags of popcorn for which I pushed the "Popcorn" button all by myself.

I will not stop reading the blogs that seem to make me feel like I am just not keeping up with the Joneses, however I am going to continue to post my real life. I didn't name this lovely bits of chaos for nothing.
Life is amazing, dirty, fun, mix matched, chaotic, and covered in dog hair! Cheers.

                                                    P.S. I wouldn't trade him for a clean house. Ever.