Boy was I in a bad mood today.

Do you ever wake up and just know it's not going to be your day? I woke up late, which should not have bothered me because I didn't want to go to work in the first place. Who cares if I am late? Boss is on vacation, no one will know. But, NO it pissed me off. Then, I find the dog ate some of Squeaks stuffed animals last night. In his defense he is a dog that fell asleep in a room full of stuffed animals, but come on! He had to pick the ones that were expensive and some I had to search high and low for on the Internet. He couldn't eat some random bunny from 3 Easters ago?

I stare in the mirror for 5 minutes talking myself out of calling in sick and decide to stick my hair into a ponytail. I am tired and my hair is heavy and it takes way more effort to get it up than it should. I get the elastic firmly in place and I missed a strip of hair at the nape of my neck. Are you fucking kidding me?! Do over.

I manage to get my sorry ass to work and the snob from the 5th floor shuts the elevator as she sees me walking toward it in the parking lot. These are the people I work with. I know where you work dumb bitch! You WILL see me again.

As I sip my over sugared coffee and catch up on my emails the idiot manager from down the hall that prints at the printer by my desk, stops by and just drops papers on my desk that are not mine, but they are not his so rather than putting them back he sets them on top of the mound of work I already have. Put the papers back on the fucking printer dip shit! How did he manage to work his way into that large office with a great view when he can't read that my name is NOT on the shit he keeps handing me? I bet money the dumb bitch from the 5th floor and idiot manager would get along marvelously.

I came up with a brilliant idea while I was at the gym however. I am going to retire next year. I came up with a game plan to pay debt, so I am going to focus on that, learn to cook, and I am retiring from that prison at the age of 34 in 2013. Brilliant! Right?!
I vow to keep the house clean, cook all meals, and greet my lover after work naked under an apron with a cold beer in hand. Or...,I will spend my days lounging in the sun, browsing consignment shops, lunching with friends, and catching up on the books I have stacked up over the years.
Either way I can't imagine waking up to a day like today, suffocating under the fluorescent lights of corporate Hell.

Like I said, I am not feeling it today.

Good night.