Stupid shit I have been up to lately

1. ordering zombie books off the Internet. The Zombie Survival Guide & So Now You're a Zombie: A Handbook For the Newly Undead ( You never know which side you will be on)
2. bohemian decor. LOVE it. I want to redecorate every room in my house. And my backyard!
3. reading A Discovery of Witches. Great book. It's got vampires in it too. Not the glittery high school virgin's from Twilight, but the dark, sexy, provocative ones. Yaya!
4. teaching my dog to eat from my plate and then getting in trouble for it, because now he begs when you have food. Possibly not the best thing I have taught him.
5. watching re-runs of Sex & the City with honey which has caused him to wonder about my life before him as a single woman. Thanks Samantha!
6.fake bakin'  Spring fever!
7. trying to find some place super cool (and cheap) to get married a third time. 3 is my lucky number ;) The first two were just practice.
8. trying to think up some genius plan so I can quit my job and work at a book store instead. They can pay me in books. I would be a happy woman.
9. my newest love. Flamas Doritos. I am OBSESSED!
10. thinking about cutting back on my beer intake, but drinking another while I contemplate the pros and cons. I drink it on ice, with a lime. so is it really unhealthy if I add water and fruit to it?