Stuff and things. and more stuff.

Six days before Christmas and I am half way done shopping. I consider that an accomplishment considering I have no idea what I am getting people and I don't feel like shopping.

I want to focus on New Years resolutions instead. I am going to start with becoming a list person. I always thought that would tie me down and limit my spontaneous rebellion to rules and schedules, but after looking around my house I need a simple way to stay away from clutter. Clutter gives me anxiety.

I also need a to do list to tell me to do simple things like return the Red Box movie I rented over a week ago, but I still have it next to the TV. A dollar rental has now turned into a $8 movie that I could have bought had it been good enough. It wasn't. I was just good enough to pay the $1 it originally cost had I been organized enough to return the next day.

One thing I have done this week is learn to stop wasting time on people that don't make time for me. After being stood up for lunch early in the week I have taken a long look at the people I make time for and what they really mean to me. Am I making time because they have a positive impact on my life? Or because I "think" that having them as my friend/family would make my life more fulfilling? Quality is far more valuable than quantity when it comes to people. I am truly grateful for the "real" people. Past, present, and future.

On another note, I bought a gun at Wal-Mart today. If it wasn't so hard it would have been funny. After you buy a gun at Wal-Mart a manager escorts you out the door. Company policy. Even the executives know how scary their customers are.

I bought Squeak a gingerbread house to build. Its a tradition we have done for years. I frosted all the walls and got it to stand so he could take the afternoon and decorate on his own. While he starts to decorate I decide to take a peak at I love to keep up with this cute family. Well, what are they doing this weekend? Gingerbread houses! They have all their candy in cute colorful bowls while the kids calmly put gum drops on top of their houses.
   Meanwhile, Squeak has smeared frosting all over his house, ate most of the candy without actually decorating with it, and has started stabbing the house with a knife until it's flat on the counter. So much for picture perfect holidays at this house. As I type this my lover is tossing rice crispy treats at me from across the room. God I love this family!

In conclusion, this has been a great weekend!

P.S. I want this hair! There goes my struggle to chop off the locks.