Yes, I deleted my Facebook. No, I do not want to create a new account.

Enough is enough. Is it really necessary to live your life on a status update? One hour your happy, then you spill your coffee so you post that, then its time for drinks after work so you mention that, next thing you know your trashed and posting something offensive at midnight.

Also the pictures. Do I need to say more? I love my friends and family, but seriously that is the picture you decided to tag me on? One of my eyes are closed.. Just because you can see my elbow in the corner I do not need to be tagged. But thank you.

Just because we are family doesn't mean I want to see everything about you or I want you to know every bit of my life. And the things I leave out are inevitably added by friends in the proof of pictures. Reason # 4 I don't like the pictures.

And then there are the people barely spoke to me in high school that are now very persistent about being my "friend" now. I say "friend" because although they want to see what I am up to, they rarely say hi when you accept them and then if they do that's the last you hear from them aside from their constant status updates.

Last but not least, this is for the people that feel they need to update each location they are at. I am confused on if you are trying to show all the hip places you go to each day or you are telling people where you are hoping someone else shows up to?
Personally, I don't want the whole world know where I am at at any given time. I say whole world because once you put that on the internet its there. Forever. Pictures included.

The part that has surprised me the most is when I tell people I am no longer on Facebook they are genuinely shocked. Why on earth would I do something like that? How will I ever know what is going on in the world? It's called a phone people. Call me. I know it's old school, but it is much more personable. And if I care the least about where you are or you want to invite me somewhere you already have my number.

I was amazed at how free I felt hitting that delete button and again when I hit the "yes I am sure I want to delete this" button.

Dear friends and future friends:
I look forward to seeing your face and sharing memories in person while we make new ones in real life.