I was stood up.

By a girl! I had a lunch date and I was stood up. This just reminds me of why I have so few girl friends in the first place. Is this normal? Do girls always stand each other up? No phone call? No text? I just don't understand it. Is that what you have to deal with in order to have a large group of girl friends? If one ditches you, just call another?
I could have went to the gym.

I know I said I would tell you all about the dead guy in my house, but I have not compiled all my ghost stories yet. Here is an update though, he still lives there. And hopefully right now he is home keeping the dog company. Not in a scary way, but in a he isn't home alone all day kind of way.

This message is brought to you by the letter Q ( I don't use words with Q in them nearly as much as I should) and these beautiful things I want. (Hint Hint Santa)

Basically a whole lot of shoes.... and a coat.