My dark side

Wow. I just re-read my last post. Slightly morbid. Happy Holiday bitches?! Ha ha. OK that still makes me laugh.
I did however make it through this weekend. Yahoo! It was peaceful. I spent Turkey day with my lovers family. The great thing about that is, that not only are they a blast to hangout with, but if there is dysfunction in someone else's family its either hilarious or does not personally hurt my feelings.
I love that in his family although every one leads very different lives, they are loving toward one another, My family has this unspoken code that if something is different or wrong we are suppose to ignore the 1000 pound roaring elephant in the room. Everyone act natural!

I am happy to say that I skipped the Black Friday shopping. I read that one Wal-Mart towed a bunch of illegally parked customers ( What did they expect? They were after all Wal-Mart customers.)
Then, another lady pepper sprayed a group of people that she thought was going after the same item as her. I may have a distraught view of this season, but I do know this is not what Christmas is about.

To end my weekend I cleaned my house. Like seriously cleaned it. I didn't just stuff junk in drawers and closets so you couldn't see it.
We saw The Muppets new movie. I forgot how much they sing. Honestly I wasn't prepared. By the fourth song I was thinking of going back to the bar next door to wait it out, but Squeak liked it and seeing that smile on his face was enough for me.

Lastly, I put up our small Christmas tree that Stinky (the dog) later ran into and knocked down and I stayed mildly tipsy all weekend. Success

Happy ThanksgivingfamilydysfunctionBlackFridaymildlytipsy Weekend.

Stay tuned for the introduction to the ghost in my house.... Seriously. A dead guy lives here.