Thankful Thursday

Boy oh boy! It has been a crazy week. The roofers showed up early last Wednesday night and decided to get a head start on their job. Well.... that night we had our first rainstorm in over 2 months. We woke up on the 4th of July to our ceiling falling in from all the water.

So instead of letting it ruin our holiday weekend, Honey and I packed a bag, grabbed a couple of friends, hopped on the motorcycles and road to Flaming Gorge. The ride was beautiful and riding away from the stress was a great idea.

Aside from the rainstorm that started a mess in our house, we have had several other storms that were awesome. I love loud thunder and bright lightning and we have had a bunch of it.

I have much to be thankful for:
actually having a roof over our heads to fix ~ my husband for being spontaneous and optimistic ~ laughing instead of crying during unexpected events ~ my parents for babysitting our huge mutt ~ beautiful sunsets over the lake ~ cleansing rainstorms, the air is fresh ~ laughing until our stomachs hurt ~ chilling with a beer on the lake ~ huge hugs from kiddo ~ not letting people take advantage of my generosity ~ falling asleep by candle light ~ catching up on my reading ~ going to bed early ~ booking plane tickets to sunny San Diego ~ scary movies on rainy nights ~ Coronas! , yes the beer :)

Braving the storm & dancing in the rain!

xoxo Sara

dance in the rain