Thankful Thursday

It's 20 days into my birthday month and I am having a blast! Each day is it's own little celebration. Yesterday we threw out all of our pillows and bought new ones. I slept like a champ. Yahoo!
I have also decided it's time for some family photos. We have talked about it for over a year now and the time has come. I have been looking at poses online for some ideas, and man are they cheesy. I will try to come up with something fun for us that will show the personality of our family. Which is.... ? Cool.

To kick off the 10 day countdown to the big 35, here is my list of gratitude:
afternoons in Snowbird ~ relaxing in a hot tub in the mountains ~ steep hikes that take your breath away, not just from the physical activity, but the views are awesome! ~ having so much to give to the homeless shelter, again ~ my bro-in-law for being such a fighter! cancer sucks, he chooses life! ~ yummy Thai curry ~ Tim McGraw concert with fun friends ~ business meetings & new ideas ~ drinking an ice cold Corona on a hot day ~ sandalwood incense ~ short work weeks ~ letting go of worries and watching things work themselves out. Ah sweet relief.

chillin at Snowbird

excited for his mountain hike

singing & dancing at Tim McGraw

Lovin' Life
xoxo Sara