Thankful Thursday

I think Summer may be here to stay. Maybe. I am in love with being outdoors, so I am looking forward to a warm weekend. On a very important note: June 1st kicks off my birthday month. Yes, I celebrate the entire month. So far we have planned hit Park Silly Sunday, a weekend in Snowbird, Tim McGraw concert (yaya!), Color Me Radd 5K,  lots of bbq's, and a bunch of surprise hugs & kisses from my boys.

Without further adieu, here is a few things I am grateful for:
weekends up the canyon ~ countless butterflies fluttering around ~ the dog has been listening to me lately (that is huge!) ~ reading my old poetry and remembering exactly how I felt when I wrote each one ~ The Fire Starter Sessions ~ collecting magic spells ~ my honey's dance moves ~ hearing kiddo laugh ~ the smell of cut grass ~ the many roses that bloomed this week ~ bright full moons, wasn't it amazing last week?! ~ dancing by the fire

Choosing happiness every day.

xoxo Sara