Awake in the dark

It's 11:18 pm, I am lying in bed, writing in the dark, and my mind is doing cart wheels. I had an epiphany about 20 or so minutes ago. I was reading a book about starting fires (figuratively, I am not an arsonist) and for some reason I instantly stopped and asked myself why I don't share my poetry. I love writing poems. Fragments of poems continuously swim in my head ( which explains my A.D.D to some degree) but honestly. Why am I concealing that part of myself? Because people won't understand it? So what! I rarely feel understood as it is.
Back to reading the book, right after I had this intense moment of inspiration and becoming really clear and excited about what I want, the next line honest to God was a quote about poetry coming easily or not at all. I started to laugh a shocked laugh when something amazing just happened, but you don't know what to do so you laugh and it comes out sounding awkward, yeah that kind of laugh.

Do you ever have a really awesome moment of clarity and you have to share it with someone or you just might burst?

Thanks for sharing in my late night awakening.

sleeping with a smile tonight,