March Madness

I'm not talking about basketball. I am talking about this month. holy shit. where did it go? Spring has sprung. thank god, although i woke up to snow this morning. got to love Utah weather. This month has been spent prepping my business for Viva Las Vegas car show. If you're new to this blog I will briefly explain: my husband and I started a business called GREASY BIKER it is motorcycle apparel and many other things we want to put our brand on. It's a very exciting process and I am learning so much about business ownership and becoming the kind of business woman i want to be. so many details.

As for my personal life, I am trying to fit in reading time as much as possible and i am continuously working on reinventing myself. as for this blog, I will be spending much more time on it as well as some art projects I have been working on. the art will be called "Lovely Bits of Chaos". original huh? Honestly when I post pictures of it there are no better words for what I want to create. chaos.  It's thrilling to start this new journey on my own. to consider myself an artist? A dream come true. I have to thank my awesome husband for pushing me in this direction that I started, but I was confused so I didn't take it any further. so here goes something....

I can't think of a better way to spend Women's History month than pushing myself beyond my comfort zone and building a better life around me.

Making magic
xoxo Sara