A little Halloween fun

This last weekend we went to very fun Halloween party. It was great that everyone took dressing up so seriously. There were some amazing costumes that I wish I had gotten a picture of/or better picture of. Sadly I had a couple of drinks and kept forgetting to use my camera. Oh well. We all had a blast and here is a snippet of what I was able to capture:

I stole his hat. And we were dancing, and I already washed the green off my face. I couldn't take it!

The Mayor and Mr Garcia

Mayor with Jolly Green Giant

Mario and her man?

My pretties

Silly girls playing with his stinger. Which is on wrong side :)
Mrs. Mia Wallace

Edward Scissorhands. Freaking amazing!

As you can see there were some amazing costumes. I apologize for the sideway pictures. They were taken with my phone and my computer will not save them after I rotate them. Ugh! Anyways, they are awesome.
It was a great night with awesome friends and I hope you all have an amazing Happy Halloween tomorrow!