~Thankful Thursday~

I am thankful for:
the awesome planter boxes my dad made.
the pretty plants that we put in them, it really helped spruce up the backyard
extra time with kiddo this week. loving it!
rockin' out at Def Leppard concert with handsome and friends. so fun!
bowling night. even though I suck and seem to be getting worse.
Sunday night bbq with mom and dad
super sunny warm days. beautiful!
motorcycle rides to Park City for lunch
gathering another pile of things to take to the homeless shelter
watching dog get excited about seeing his GF across the street. ah puppy love!
chit chat with the girls and Irene for making me laugh every time I see her
nyquil and apple cider vinegar for helping me kick this colds ass
all my friends and family that make me smile every single day!

awesome planter made by dad!

it's the simple things xoxo Sara