This is been a chore I have been struggling with in my head for the past several months. I want to clear out the clutter in my home not only for the cleanliness of it, but to help with my A.D.D, not knowing where anything is, and to just alleviate stress of unused items.

Where does one start when you have a whole house? Is one room more a priority than another? How can I declutter when I live with two boys that always have stuff laying around? These are the questions I ask myself every time I feel I am ready to start. I don't think there is a right answer. I have decided that it doesn't matter what the others in my house do, they will leave stuff out no matter what and I am doing this for me. Who knows, maybe they will love how clean and simple it feels and follow.... maybe not.

About 5 minutes ago I decided I am going to start at the front door and work myself back. I am going to give myself 1 week to declutter each room. I think that will allow me time to fully asses each room to see what is needed and what can go. If I do each room too quickly I am afraid I will get rid of needed things without thought and keep stupid stuff. This is a project I have wanted to take on for some time now and I want to do it right.

I will take before and after photos to show my progress. I am super excited to live in a space surrounded by only the things I love and need.

Yahoo for Project SIMPLIFY!