April: the month of randomness.

April flew by! Here is my list of April shit I got done or attempted:
1. Tried to stop saying "sorry" for dumb ass reasons that I have no control over. (See previous post) How did that go? I believe I do not say it as much as I did, but there are times it slips out and I instantly get mad at myself for it. A few times after saying "sorry" I corrected myself by saying "wait, no I am not sorry" which then led to some funny looks given by random people.
2. I read Leveraging The Universe. Awesome book. If you like The Secret, Notes from the Universe, or already know that you make your life and are aware of your own thoughts, dreams, and love to use your imagination, than this is a great book for you. Always follow your heart.
3. Vacationed in Lake Mead for Easter. Always a good time. Sun, booze, and a boat. Can't go wrong.
4. Went into a vacant house at night that had a skull on the kitchen table and a ghost in the front room. As we turned the corner upstairs in the dark, realized there were squatters in the bedroom as well. We ran outside as fast as we could.
5. Pedalled around the city on our beach cruisers, stopping at local bars, and finding hidden alleys with amazing graffiti.
6. Planted some flowers. Bought a salsa garden and pumpkin patch, but have yet to plant them because of my asshole dog that won't leave shit alone that is not his.
7. Washed my hair in apple cider vinegar because I read it's natural and very good for your hair. But, my hair stunk for 2 days! Not sure I will do that again. I rather have dry hair than stinky thank you very much.
8. Bowled a whopping 19 last week. It was awesome. I was awesome, and by awesome I mean drunk. I don't get drunk I get awesome.
9. Attempted to pin my bangs back this weekend in order to grow them out. I hated every second of it. I felt awkward and exposed. I couldn't wait to wake up the next day to wash my hair and blow dry them down again. I love you bangs.
10. As always I continue to surround myself with amazing people that make me smile and laugh my way through the days. I am a blessed woman.

Stay tuned as I have made it a goal to post more and will have updates as I start to plan a wedding for this summer. You would think by the 3rd time I would be a pro, but I am not. For the 1st time I am 100% excited about the marriage and as for the wedding details, they will just come together. Or my maid of honor will get tired of waiting for me, plan it herself and I will show up on time the day of :) Either way I am stress free and looking forward to the happily ever after part.