Dear Full Moon:

Where do I start? Oh yes, thanks for the insomnia. It never fails every week there is a full moon I feel like I snorted a pack of pixie sticks. My heart races, my thoughts are scattered (more than usual) and I can't lay still.
When I finally do get to sleep I have morbid dreams!
The one where everyone around me has their head bandaged up? Seriously, what the fuck does that mean? I can't find it in my dream interpretation book. Or the one when my dream man leaves me for some sleazy hooker because I ate too much (which I did over eat that night). I especially like the ones where I can't get to where I am trying to go or dial a number that I HAVE to call. Apparently I have no concept of directions or technical devices in dream land. EVER.
Does everyone have these issues during a full moon? Could a be some freak of nature? Don't answer that.
Could I be a werewolf? Oh wait, no that is Jacob. I have to stop watching the damn Twilight series when I don't get adequate sleep. I think everyone is a vampire and werewolf and feel like chopping heads off.

                                                                            Until September 12th.....(next full moon)
                                                                                Sweet dreams,