Sunday Sermon of Lovely Bits

Several years ago, two women were talking about how they made their kids go to Sunday mass so they understood God. Then one of the ladies turned to my son and asked "Where does your mom take you to church?" To which my son proudly replies " Oh my mom says we don't have to go to a church because GOD IS EVERYWHERE!"
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Sunday sermon of Lovely Bits,
Everywhere you look there is magic!
Wake up stressed? ...
So what!
You're blessed with another day to try
Stuck in traffic and running late?
Stop rushing, take a deep breath, and look around.
See a heart shaped cloud, monarch butterfly flutter across your windshield, or look up to an amazing sunset after a cruel day?
Those are gifts!
Just for you, in that exact moment.
And if you can just slow your roll and look all around you, you will realize that God is constantly trying to show you how amazing and special you are.
You can manifest beauty and love all around you!
But, it is YOUR free will to choose to see it or not.