Thankful Thursday

The weather in Utah changes suddenly all of the time. There is a saying here " If you don't like the weather, wait 5 minutes, it will change" The day I took this picture it was a bright sunny day while I was at work, I got home and this is what I saw. It was an awesome storm with loud thunder and huge rain drops. It smelled amazing. I love thunderstorms.

In no particular order, I am so very grateful for:
Rainbows! ~ motorcycle rides up beautiful canyons ~ Mothers Day surprises ~ being a mom ~ honey's bedtime berry smoothies ~ putting fun notes in kiddos lunch box ~ dancing in the kitchen ~ laughing all the time with my family ~ black liquid eyeliner ~ pedicure dates with the girls ~ the wood pecker that wakes me up every morning by hammering on our tree ~ planting flowers ~ planning an herb garden ~ clean sheets ~ falling asleep to the sound of my snoring dog ~ slowly becoming a morning person ~ girl talk ~ my Converse ~ kicking butt in the gym

Focus only on what you love and the rest will fall into place.

2nd rainbow this week

xoxo Sara