Kindness brightens a dark world

Yesterday was a day of mixed emotions. When I first heard of the hatred that hit Boston I was disgusted with the human race. I have to raise my son in a world of assholes, but then I realized thinking like that only adds to the hate. In the midst of chaos and sadness, kind and loving people stepped up and risked themselves to help others. I would like to thank Gala Darling  for her post on helpful people, as well as Taza for posting this article. There is good in the world. Sadly it is brought out because of a tragedy, but rather than focus on the bad people that caused harm, lets draw attention to all the amazing people that stood up and helped because of it. If the media would give more attention to the heroes instead of the scum, they wouldn't get the validation they seek. Lets take the power away from the douche bags.
In memory of those that lost their lives and the many that have been hurt, do something kind for a stranger. Show the Universe that we are taking this world back and we won't bow down to cowards.

Kindness is always in style
xoxo Sara